how do I get started?

First, fill out and return this inquiry form. After signing the phase one contract, we send you a set of standard building plans for initial discussions with your local building department. In phase two, we look at the soil and environmental conditions at your site and customize the drawings for your project. Phase three is the preparation of the site, foundation and utilities by your contractor on your property. Phase four is the actual construction of your house in our factory. Phase five is the shipping, delivery and installation of the Quik House onto the prepared slab. Phase six is the glass and roof installation, final electric and plumbing connections and completion of finish surfaces.


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what is the Quik House?

is it really Quik?

can you help me build the Quik House?

what colors does the Quik House come in?

what is the basic design of the Quik House?

how much does the Quik House cost?

is  the Quik House green?

what parts of the building process is the owner responsible for?

what part of the building process is Quik Build LLC responsible for?

how do I get started?

what about shipping cost?

how should we budget for the Quik House?

what sizes does the Quik House come in?

is there a waiting list?

what about customization?

download Quik House booklet?



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