what about shipping cost?

The Quik House can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.. For the European market, we have a manufacturing facility in the U.K. Shipping costs between $3,000 and 12,000 depending on your proximity to our factories in New Jersey or Liverpool, England.


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what is the Quik House?

is it really Quik?

can you help me build the Quik House?

what colors does the Quik House come in?

what is the basic design of the Quik House?

how much does the Quik House cost?

is  the Quik House green?

what parts of the building process is the owner responsible for?

what part of the building process is Quik Build LLC responsible for?

how do I get started?

what about shipping cost?

how should we budget for the Quik House?

what sizes does the Quik House come in?

is there a waiting list?

what about customization?

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